As a songwriter and lyric-writer, I wanted to start selling my songs and lyrics. My goal was to get my songs to recording artists, because I believed that when recording artists saw my songs, they'd want to record them. My friends and family agreed that my songs and lyrics could become hits, so I got myself a copy of the Recording Artist Address Directory and a good Song-Marketing Kit and set out to market my songs.

I also thought it would help my songwriting career if I had a manager. So I looked at all of the top managers in the music industry, especially the managers for songwriters, and began speaking with managers who I thought could help guide my songwriting career.

Well, my songwriting journey proved to be the adventure of my life - but it sure didn't start out that way! It took 6 weeks before I heard back from the manager of one of the recording artists I sent my songs to - and she basically said that my songs "weren't a good fit" for that particular recording artist.

But just when I was thinking about giving up, I got an e-mail from another manager, and this time, I was told that a recording artist liked my song-lyric! I was so excited, I almost missed the best part: the artist's producer was going to create the music for my song-lyric, which would be recorded on the artist's next album! That meant I would finally earn money as a songwriter!

In the end, all the work sending out my songs and promoting myself as a songwriter was well worth it. This recording opportunity lead to other opportunities that I'm happy to share with all new songwriters and lyricists here in my songwriting blog. After all, if I can help a new songwriter or lyric-writer take a quicker and easier path to songwriting success than most songwriters, I'm happy to help!

Next week, I'll talk about my first songwriting contract, and copyrighting my songs and lyrics to protect them from being used without my permission.

So until then,

Nikki ... xoxoxo ...

P.S. If you're ready to start selling your songs and lyrics, here is the link to the FREE GUIDE that has helped so many songwriters get started, How to Sell Your Songs and Lyrics.


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